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The man page for dh_pysupport has the following:

  -d  This option is deprecated.

For some reason, that struck me as amusing. Naturally you would choose the 'd' letter for an option that is deprecated.


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I wonder what my zeitgebers are. Obvious ones are daylight. I imagine food might be another one. I wonder if I can harness this idea, maybe I can entrain myself to do some good time management habits when I get to work?

Or maybe I just need to develop the time management habit, regardless of external cues.

iPhone plugin

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I'm writing this on my iPhone, thanks to the iMT plugin at It's not an iPhone app, rather a movabletype plugin to show a custom interface to an iphone client. I've packaged the plugin for debian. If you want it, grab it from: deb cromp main

mercurial and puppet are cool

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I thought it was time for another post. This will be my first post logged in as Geoff. For securities sake I'm going to avoid using the blog software superuser account just to write posts. This might mean that when I'm holidaying 'll be more comfortable logging to write posts from seedy internet cafes, because if they steal my credentials to scrawl stuff on my blog.... I won't really care.

So anyway, I've started using mercurial, and I've converted almost all my personal revision control repositories to mercurial. I'm also getting a bit of traction with puppet. I haven't mentioned this earlier, but when I was setting up this new server, I've configured it entirely with puppet. So it should be pretty easy to later on migrate to another server, or setup a test server with the same setup.


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That looks mostly better, I've changed the style of the blog back towards what I used to have. I like my calming blue colours, and the subtle cargo-green highlights.

I thought I'd managed to change from a three column layout to a two column layout, but it seems not to have worked. And I'd like to get rid of that black bar at the top of the page. I guess I'll get there bit by bit.

In other news... Andrea ran 8kms in 48:58 for the Mothers Day Classic run on the weekend. She's improved on her time from last year, so she was pretty happy.

First Movable Type post

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So, welcome to my new blog. The more astute of my readers will realise that the look and feel of this blog is quite different to the old one. That's because I'm using the default template. When I've got some more tech time I'll fix that. I liked how the old one looked.

I'll also be looking into adding the ability to add comments to my blog, importing the old blog entries, and maybe a few other features that MovableType offers. If you're looking for blogging software, give movabletype a go. In fact if you're related to me and you want a blog, give me a ring. Maybe I could host it for you under

I was thinking of using wordpress, but I wanted to use postgresql as the database, which wordpress doesn't really support. And wordpress is written in php, where as movabletype is in perl, and I'm more comfortable writing perl than php.

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