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Farewell Eric

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Last week a friend of ours, Eric Tetlow, passed away. He was a great mate of my Dad, and a man who was always interested in how my brothers and I were. I remember going to Erics place in Bundoora when we were young, for long dinners, and lunches. Eric was partially responsible for a number of my firsts. I was first exposed to computers at his place, as he had an Atari, or Commodore 64 or something. A highlight of visiting his place was getting to play donkey kong on it.

Eric always had a great affinity for the bush. For several years Dad, my brothers and I would head to the high country with Eric, for camping and hiking. I remember going at least twice. These trips were something that were completely outside of my normal environment. I'm not sure I showed a great deal of grattitude at the time. Learning to cope with a million flies trying to share my food was a little bit of a struggle. The idea that Dad would cook was also quite unfamiliar.

But I also remember hiking to Tabletop mountain, horse riding at Dinner Plain, and walking almost out to Feathertop. The hike to Feathertop had a couple of firsts for me as well. It is one of the earliest memories I have of my Dad having knee problems. While we were walking the weather deterioated. Phill and I turned back about 30 minutes before the summit, but Anthony and Dad kept going. We eventually all got back safely, but not after Eric, Phill and I had been waiting for a while. I also saw my first mountain bike riders on that walk.

Farewell Eric, you'll be sorely missed.

the other ASD

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Parents for a day

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Today we minded Jade (who is 5), Sky (who is 4) and Axel (who is 3 months). We had them for 8 hours. We took them to the Childrens Farm in Collingwood. Jade and Sky were very patient waiting in line to have a ride on a horse. Especially when it started raining. They made good friends with Chloe and her mum Naomi, who had shown us how to get to the farm.
Later in the day I did my first unassisted baby feeding, and my first assisted baby nappy changing. Way to go me!

second class digizens

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I helped Andrea find some song lyrics today while we were out today. It was nice that with my iPhone I was able to do that.

It's interesting that it wasn't anything innately about me that made this possible, it was the gear I had with me. Which made me realize that Andrea was a second class digizens because she doesn't have the right gear.

Of course there are plenty of other reasons that other people might not have been able to do that, they may not have the knowledge of how to use the Internet, they might not be interested in using technology like that. Perhaps thinking in the terms of second class digizens isn't so helpful?

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