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Today we minded Jade (who is 5), Sky (who is 4) and Axel (who is 3 months). We had them for 8 hours. We took them to the Childrens Farm in Collingwood. Jade and Sky were very patient waiting in line to have a ride on a horse. Especially when it started raining. They made good friends with Chloe and her mum Naomi, who had shown us how to get to the farm.
Later in the day I did my first unassisted baby feeding, and my first assisted baby nappy changing. Way to go me!

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You are awesome Geoff.

I like how your blog now lets people leave comments. That is awesome. And it was so easy and painless to sign in.

Really awesome.

C U Tomorrow.

Hey do you get notified if someone has left a comment?

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