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Andreas Interview

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Andrea was interviewed about the course she is doing at Monash. You can read it here.

Avenue Q

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Our friends Tanya and James bought us tickets to go see Avenue Q this week. The show was a lot of fun. It's strange how a scene featuring full nudity and on stage sex isn't offensive when it's puppets instead of people.

We're very grateful to Tanya and James for the tickets. Andrea had originally purchased tickets for us to go see it in early June. However we both forgot, and we missed the show. We were understandably bummed about that, especially as Andrea had purchased them as an anniversary present. So it's really nice that we still got to go see it.

First snow trip to Hotham

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On the weekend Andrea and I took a long weekend up at Hotham. It's a long drive. I left work at 1:30pm, we left Bayswater by about 4pm (Anaconda took almost an hour to sort out our gear hire), and we didn't arrive at our lodge until after 11pm.

We stayed at Bembooka ski club. It was really nice the first two nights, we had a room to ourselves. But on the Monday night we had to change rooms, and were in with a lady who snored. I hate sleeping in rooms with snorers who aren't my wife. At least if it's my wife I can wake her up, or push her over.

The snow at Hotham wasn't great. They only had 5 lifts running, but that meant lift tickets were half priced. So we were happy with that. After we'd done 1.5 days of riding (I was snowboard riding, Andrea was skiing), we explored a little bit of the unpatrolled areas. I can see that Hotham would be a lot more fun with more snow cover, and less rain.

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