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Snowy Slopes of Japan

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I've just booked flights to Japan. To go snowboarding for 4 days. In January 2010. I'm going to meet up with Andrea in Thailand on the way back, and if Nikki and Pat don't read my blog, it might be a surprise for them! If you've got some spare cash, and don't know what to do with yourself in late January, you should come with me!

Crikey, me indanet's rough as guts

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I got a great email about Bevan. I was so impressed with what he'd written, that I asked if I could reproduce it here.

Why are you bothering me on such a brilliant sunny spring afternoon?
I get a few of these each month. Consider me your filter - I only pass on to you the petitions that I think are really worth signing. So please.... a few moments from your day.

What is this nonsense? My couch is comfy and I have no intention of standing.
GetUp is a group that uses the internet to communicate directly and influence the will of our decision makers. That's right people, this stuff is more innovative than the motorcycle helmet with the built in break light.

Politics Smolitics, My Australian brain has evolved from convicts, I couldn't possibly understand what this is about
This petition is collecting signatures of people who don't want the government to be able to decide which internet web pages shall be black listed from the public and which pages will be allowed.

Who cares mate, just pass me the sauce bottle.
This is terrible!!! I was in Syria earlier this year, and I was blown away when I learnt that every single piece of internet data on it's way to Syria goes through government hubs. Syrians have absolutely no idea that Israeli's are actually peace-loving people because the Syrian government blocks all traffic that isn't in it's interests.

Surely I would do better deleting this useless email and knocking back a few coopers pale instead?
Signing this actually effects decisions. GetUp has proven results and they are effecting our democratic process in ways that have never been done before and never been possible before.. Get Up is set to break the record with over 100,000 signatures on this petition.

Sorry mate, I'm off to the pub...
Folks, step right up and sign here, you'll be in and out quicker than K Rudd can say "detailed programmatic specificity"
So if you feeling daring, Here's how
  1. If you've got time, Get Up's summary email is below
  2. If not, 20 seconds should do it. click here to say "Suffer in ya Jocks"
  3. Make sure you un-tick the "Receive GetUp Updates" check box, they come a bit too often for my liking.
  4. Put your email address in the box and click the big button
  5. Expect a thank you email from GetUp to confirm your signature was added.
Alright Alright, but if I cop any more grief about penis enlargements, i'll be on the blower...
Your email address is the only internet based identity that caries any weight in petitions for polys, Rest assured that if you un tick the box you won't get anything after the response email.

Cheers Guys thanks for humouring me.

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