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Sunny Port Fairy

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Thank goodness it is sunny here. We woke to rain in Macarthur, and it was pretty miserable. The ride wasn't to hard, but we did have a head wind. We picked up a bike pump just after the rest stop, then 2 minutes later the pump was claimed by Geoff, a guy we know from Dragon Boating.

Later in the ride I got talking to Ellen. She'd been tailing me. I found out she is in year eleven and riding with 4 other friends. They skipped year 12 orientation to be here. Go them!

Muddy Macarthur

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The title of this post isn't all that fair. It's not rained too much, and is dry at the moment. But we're camping in some paddocks, so there's a lot of cow pats around. Nothing fresh thank goodness. Day 2 has an official distance of 66km. Because we started at Roger and Wills we did a bit more than that. We saw almost no rain, and seemed to have tail wins most of the day.

So it was a really fun day of cycling. Over the last 15 km I joined a lineout headed by two teachers from a high school in Frankston. The teachers were intentionally pushing their students to the limit. I helped out, it was fun. Our tents are up, so it's time I went and had a shower.

soggy day one

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We've finished our first day of riding. I left behind a rain jacket, thinking it wouldn't matter if I got a little wet. Well, we got quite a lot wet at lunch, but I wasn't cold for too long. We also saw enough sun that I was worried about sunburn.

We met Bianca on the turn-off to Bridgewater Bay. She is doing the ride with her Aunty and two cousins, but she'd temporarily misplaced them. Later at the Bicycle Superstore Tent at the campsite we met another Andrea. We're mighty glad we are staying at Roger and Wilmas last night and tonight, very comfortable.

Trains, buses and that's all

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We've made it as far as Warrnambool on the train. Now we're waiting for the coach that we are sitting on to take us to Portland. We should get there by 23:17. It's been a really relaxing and comfortable trip so far.

Time to go

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That's it, I'm ready. All packed and waiting to start the GVBR. Now I just have to wait for Phill to get here so we can put our bikes on his roof, and Andrea so we can start travelling. ..... I'm bored. Maybe I didn't need to leave work so early.

GVBR Here we come

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In two days we start on the 2009 Great Vic Bike Ride. I'm very excited. I've set up my blog so I can easily write posts from my iPhone, so I should be able to keep a journal as I go.

TGS Half way through (spoilers)

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I'm more than half way through The Gathering Storm now, and as I mention in my last post, I'm enjoying it. The rest of this post includes spoilers, so stop reading now if you don't want your reading experience to be spoiled.

movember 2009

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I'm doing movember again this year. Unlike last year, I've registered, and am seeking donations:

What is movember? It's when men all round the world stop shaving to help raise awareness for men's health issues, such as prostate cancer and men's depression. Donations over $2 are tax deductible.

TGS First thoughts

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Finally, there has been a new Wheel of Time book released. The Gathering Storm has been released, and I bought it last Saturday.

I won't put any spoilers on this blog post, but don't read the link to TGS on wikipedia, as that does have spoilers. I thought it would be safe to glance at that page, even to look at an early part of the plot summary on that page (as I'm more than half way through), but it still spoiled something for me. (Something about Graendal, but I suspect I'm going to read that very soon anyway).

It will be interesting to learn which sections are more directly Robert Jordans work (when he died he had only written limited notes and text, though he had outlined the plot to finish the series).

I'm enjoying the book. I haven't yet become completely obsessed about it, and it's taken me 5 days to read so far. I'm enjoying the mileage I'm getting out of it. My next posts on this book will include spoilers, but I'll make it clear in the heading that spoilers are included.

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