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Finally, there has been a new Wheel of Time book released. The Gathering Storm has been released, and I bought it last Saturday.

I won't put any spoilers on this blog post, but don't read the link to TGS on wikipedia, as that does have spoilers. I thought it would be safe to glance at that page, even to look at an early part of the plot summary on that page (as I'm more than half way through), but it still spoiled something for me. (Something about Graendal, but I suspect I'm going to read that very soon anyway).

It will be interesting to learn which sections are more directly Robert Jordans work (when he died he had only written limited notes and text, though he had outlined the plot to finish the series).

I'm enjoying the book. I haven't yet become completely obsessed about it, and it's taken me 5 days to read so far. I'm enjoying the mileage I'm getting out of it. My next posts on this book will include spoilers, but I'll make it clear in the heading that spoilers are included.

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