TGS Half way through (spoilers)

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I'm more than half way through The Gathering Storm now, and as I mention in my last post, I'm enjoying it. The rest of this post includes spoilers, so stop reading now if you don't want your reading experience to be spoiled.
It's nice to see that Brandon is touching on all the major characters, though Perrin doesn't seem to be getting all that far, and I was thinking the same for Matt, but he's just met Verin, and it's looking more interesting for him.

I so knew that Aviendha's punishments were going to be because she had to decide to be a wise one. Well, maybe I was only 80% confidenant of that. I certainly didn't anticipate the result of the showdown between Rand and Sermihage. Thats all a bit worrying. I'm starting to think I can see a twist coming up. What with Verins comments about DOs game being subtle, I'm predicting a confrontation at Shayol Ghul followed by a a story arc where we find out that the DO had been twisting prophecy in his favour, and that the strike at Shayol Ghul we've all been expecting is all part of the DO plan.

In closing, what is with the zombie scene? Sure, it is written so it looks a bit like Randland in retrospect, but still. That scene read like a zombie scene all the way upto their escape. I suspect that was Brandons idea, and it just didn't do it for me.

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