Andrea has left the building...

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... and the country. She has started her whirlwind tour of the world. Yesterday she caught a midday flight out to Los Angeles, and after a 5 hour layover, connected to a flight to Atlanta. Right now she is in Zertec (Glenn and Dee Dees bus) with Dee Dee. Glenn is in the tow truck that is pulling Zertec somewhere. I only have an sms from her, so I've no idea what is wrong with Zertec. I'm glad her first mishap has occured with some friends.

I'm missing her already, but I think it will ultimately be good for me to fend for myself for a couple of weeks. I went and had a lovely dinner with Phill and Meg last night. I'm not sure it's going to count if I don't feed myself sometime though. I've got an aikido dinner tonight. Perhaps I'll cook something on Wednesday.

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