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... loses the race. I was last in today (last of Andrea, Phill and I). I had quite a slow ride today for the 64 km from Anglesea to Queenscliffe. Probably due to going so hard the day before and the small breakfast.

The Anglesea campsite was split across a few venues, with the dinner tent a kilometre from the campsite. So breakfast was pre-packed boxes. Not only were they smaller than normal, but I didn't get soy milk. As they had told us the camping was going to be squishy Phill organized a cabin at the YMCA venue. Which worked out really well. We also went swimming at the beach while we were there.

The riding today would have been good if I'd been up to it. A tail wind most of the way. Only a few short sharp climbs. Phill says he was flying after Barwon Heads. There were a few spots where the pack clogged up. Not enough riders were staying left. Someone had a go at me for overtaking on the left. But I figure if I can slowly pass them on that side, then perhaps they are too far out?

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