Stratdat Xmas drinks '09

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We were fortunate enough to be invited back to Christmas drinks with Strategic Data last night. Since I left them to work at Trinity at the start of 2007 I've been lucky enough to maintain a conection with the people there. Simon and Andrew (two of the directors) were both sounding a bit worn down. I've consistantly been hearing how busy they have been in 2009, and Simon sounds like he is close to burn out. Adam Clarke was pretty chipper though. Talking to Simon about the scalability issues if staffing at stratdat was really interesting. It made me appreciate that in order to do strategic. Thinking on any issue, you need to have someway of stepping back from the coal face. I was having a conversation with Simon that would have been impossible for me at the end of 2006. I simply couldn't have come with the ideas I had last night if I was still working there. That's not to say my ideas were any good, and I doubt I'm suddenly going to see stratdats flat management structure change all of a sudden.

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