Day 3 of snowboarding at Shiga Kogen

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Another sunner sonny day on the slopes of the Shiga Kogen slopes. Today I wanted to go and explore the area that I'd been shown yesterday. I made my way all the way over to Sun Valley, which is the furthest part of the resort that you can reach without catching a bus. I got a little stuck when finding my way back, and ended up plowing through some snow and walking up a run. It turns out that if I'd taken a rope toe (which I had seen, and ignored), I would have been fine to get back.


So apart from doing to much walking, the snowboarding was good. I was getting a little more relaxed in deep soft snow, which was improving my riding. I was also getting better at keeping my knees bent, which helped. I still need to keep my weight above my board, especially when I start doign jumps. I still seem to freak out a little bit, which just leads to stacking.


On another new experience to notch up, I washed some of my clothes. It's a new experienced because I hand washed them. Unfortunately the basin in my room doesn't quite seal, so I used the bath instead. Unfortuantely the dryers here don't seem to work, so I've turned my room into a sauna by haning up all the wet clothes and cranking the heating up. We'll see how nice that is to sleep in.


So all in all, the snowboarding here has been an absoluete blast. The place I hired from gave me a brand new board and boots, and my reciept says I get a discount if I come back. If I do come back, I could see myself hiriing from them again. Some of my companions told me the hotel hire was pretty average, and I'm glad I didn't use it.

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