Shiga Kogen snow rocks

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I had my first day of snowboarding, and the snow is simply unbelivable. I have never known what powder meant until seeing this. At want point I went to slow through a soft patch, and it was probably deep enough to bury myself in. I've seen banks of snow cut away by the grader that was twice my height. I did a black run. Slowly. Which made it not so fun. Looking back up it from the gondolier made me realize just how steep it was. Speaking of gondoliers, they are awesome. It is so nice to have the shelter as you ride up. Naturally not all the lifts are gondoliers, but the ones that are take you a long way up. It would have been so awesome if I'd been here with Andrea, Phill, Meg, and Sean. Without my friends it's... still pretty good actually, but not as great as it could have been. I had an awesome stack as I was approaching the terrain park. The front of the board dug in, I kind of leaned into the hill, the board did a vertical 360 with me twisting with it, and then I kept going! Which was a lot better than when I body slammed the ramp in the terrain park. Those things are slippery. I should have left that for the last day, I'm pretty sore now. I'm hoping to see the Aussies I met last night, they said they could chance some AUD to Yen for me.

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