gnash has a config file!

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You don't run the adobe flash player on linux desktops. You run either gnash or swfdec. I'm using gnash. Whenever I visit a web page that has flash embedded in it, my CPU usage inevitably jumps up.

This wastes power, and shortens the battery life on my laptop. However if I've just learned that I can create a configfuration file called .gnashrc, and add the following line:
set StartStopped on

So now gnash will still be loaded, but all the flash objects will start paused. Which is great, I'm sure I won't miss the mostly annoying adds that use flash, and I'll enjoy doing my bit for the environment.

That is what I like about free software. It often works the way I want it to, not the way that a commercial company has decided is best for its partners.

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