Growing up

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I think that as you grow older, you see things in a new light. You take in more information, you mature, and you consider somethings differently.

For at least the last 10 years I've said that I will never set foot in America. I didn't like how much influence American media had over Australian culture. I didn't like American foreign policy. I didn't like McDonald, or how they spell colour, or how by default my computer uses an American dictionary, how lists of countries have USA as the first entry and then every other country in alphabetical order, how there are websites that offer Arizona as a state for your address, even though you live in Australia.

But now that I'm all super grown up, I can get over all that, and go to DebConf10. It helps that work is paying for me to go.

Why am I telling you this? Because I know you want to give me a hard time about changing my mind. Yes you! How do I know you want to do this? I know because the same holds true for every single person I know. Which doesn't say that everyone I know is vindictive, it just reflects on how often I've said I'd never go to America.

So now that I've had my chance to explain myself, let the flames begin. I can take it. I've grown up.

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