Diet semi-vindicated

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Most of my friends know I've been trying to go vegetarian. The UN thinks this is a great idea. But they reckon I should go further, and become vegan.

I say, lets go for a middle ground. I'll stay vegetarian, and they can start talking about curbing global population growth.

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I'm two steps more 'middle ground' than you (: Firstly, this guy has what I think is a good middle ground, partly because I am aware that some nutrients are hard to find without meat.

Secondly, I'm not committed to serious change just yet. So I just take opportunistic decisions - ordering veg at restaurants, not buying meat for lunch. Also I'm trying to cut back further on beef (except for a delicious steak occasionally), since it's probably the biggest meat-contributor to the bad stuff of the world.

So, I guess I'm on the middle ground between a meat-mad diet, and weekday vegetarianism. I reckon I'm pretty healthy, so further change must be motivated by external stuff like environment and equality.

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