Labour is starting to annoy me

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I was already in a bad mood, but when I read my mood got a lot worse.

I was really pleased when the Liberals lost the last election, and Labour got in. I had a real sense of hope. However Conroy seems to be following the same line as part of his Communications portfolio, and he refuses to believe experts (who are my peers) when they say that his filter won't do what they claim they want it for (that is, the internet filter will not stop child pornography).

Now the Attorney Generals office is playing heavy handed with the ISPs, and trying to hide what it is doing behind closed doors. From the article:
the industry was told it "should be grateful" that the government was only going to require a retention period of two years "at this stage".
Perhaps this government should be remind that they 'should be grateful' that we elected the fuckers in the first place.

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