Sonny farewells the beach

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DSC_0141-small.JPGAndrea and I went to Sandy Point this weekend. It was a mixed weekend. Good things were the lack of rain, the warm fire, the bottle of wine, and having Jenni and Ian down with us.
Jenni and Ian bought down Axel and Jet with as well. They kept us on our toes. Jet had two naps on Saturday, and so didn't sleep a great deal on Saturday night. Turns out a 4 year old boy has a lot of questions in his head, and loves having peoples attention. We kicked the football, and got Jet riding a bike without training wheels. Well, once we got rid of Andrea the 'Helicopter-Mum' we made progress on bike riding.
But it wasn't all good. Sonny developed a limp in his front left leg a few months back, and it has never gotten better. He is dragging his rear legs as well, the nails are getting worn down so much they have started to bleed if we take him for too long a walk on pavement. The vet says it's probably a neurological problem. We've decided not to investigate the possibliities of operations. This will be Sonnys last trip to Sandy Point. He is still pretty cheerful, and soldering on, but we don't know how much longer it will be.

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Sad to hear. Still nice to have another trip to the beach. We had to have our dog put down last month, 'twas very sad.

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