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I just read some news about the next book in the WoT series. If you are a WoT fan, have a look at that first link. If you look at the cover work for the next book, you know what it means. I've been waiting for this scene for at least 2 years. It is going to be awesome. I am so excited, I can't wait for the book to be released (which won't be for a few more months yet).

I know, I'm sounding like a little kid. But I've been reading this series since I was a little kid (was 11 when the first book was published), and the characters in these books are like friends that I keep coming back to. And they are all awesome. And they are heroes, and blah... I sound so lame.

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But you were not 11 when you first started reading them. We started reading them when I bought the first 6 home from Collins in Knox. I bought them without knowing anything about them. This was around 94-95? It was sometime after book 6 had been published.

In 1994 when I started reading them I was a little kid (at the age of 33 I consider a 16 year old a little kid), and I was 11 when the first book was published.

The point of my blog post was that I was excited about the upcoming publication of ToM. Seems to me that you must be reading over my older posts, merely so you can find something to nit pick about.

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