My flights to NY

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So I started travelling by taking a 05:30 taxi to the airport. My 7:45 flight to Sydney was cancelled, I ended. Up on a 06:30 flight. Then my 10:15 to LAX was delayed till about 12:00. So I missed my connection to NY. The qantas staff at the baggage area had rebooked me to fly via Dallas instead, and gave me a print out saying I was ok to fly. But the American airlines lady at the counter said they should have given me an 'interrupted passenger' voucher or something. Fortunately she was able to sort it and print my boarding vouchers. This new connection wad due to get me to NY by 23:00, instead of my original 17:25. But when I got to Dallas there were more problems waiting me. A minor one was my gate being changed, and the new gate having displayed flight details for a later flight; that was easily sorted once the gate was staffed. The larger problem was the flight bring delayed over an hour. So I actually landed in NY at about 00:30. Both the air tran (monorail) and train into BY Penn station had works happening, so were running at reduced services. I was on the last train from Newarl airport into Manhattan. So by the time I was ringing the bell for where I was staying it was 02:20. They were asleep. The closest hotel I found stung me $350 US dollars, which is probably the most expensive 7 hours of accomodation I've had. So I was heading to bed at 03:00, which is 17:00 in melbourne time, clocking up 35.5 hours travelling.

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