The white drug

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We just had a great weekend over dosing on fresh white snow. We'd booked 3 nights at hotham, Phill, Meg, Andrea and I. Except Phill organized a surprise for me. When we meet up Meg wasn't there, it was Sean. After getting over the surprise the frdt order of business was to get out on the snow. There had been fresh snow the night before, and during that Friday, so it rocked. On Saturday we went out again. It rocked as well. And Sunday rocked. So did Monday. Andrea took in a lesson, and has really kept forward in her sking. Phill was an absolute trooper. He was hard pressed keeping up with Sean and I (who have both had more board time over the last two years), but he didn't have a word of complaint. It was great seeing Sean again. He's such a nice bloke, with a devilish sense of humour. He helped me to remenber how to play 500, and taught me Peruso, a dice game.

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The white drug: What a profoundly beautiful description. I haven't had a fix in some fourteen months. I wonder what are the withdrawal symptoms and when they take effect.

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