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Snowboarding thoughtstteam

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That looks like a good gap through those trees. Hmm, I'm a bit lower than I thought. I'll probably still make it. Looks like something is in the way. Could just be bark. Or it could be a log. Bark or log? Bark? Log? Bark, log... please bark??? Ow. Log.

More snow, maybe last for 2010

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Andrea and I went to Buller today. Discounted spring season tickets made it much more affordable. Snow was great. Andrea was a champ, doing a whole bunch of black runs with me. I got heaps better at doing jumps, and learned the value of getting low when the snow is all chopped up. Working last Saturday really paid off today.

Matt Mackall makes mercurial

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My revision control tool of choice is currently mercurial. I've just learned in this interview that mercurial was started by a guy called Matt Mackall, and he's trying to get some funding to work on mercurial full time.

I liked his answer to the second last question. Reading between the lines he admits that git and mercurial are effectively equivalent, but he's quite happy to throw in a cheap joke with "I guess some people just have no taste, but if git makes them happy, I won't try to stop them"

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