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Mo Geoff, Mo!

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I've signing up for movember 2011 today.


Check out my picture, from earlier in the year. It's conveniently cropped to look like a mo, instead of a beard.

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It's been 7 years since Phill and I tried to pull a twin stunt (when we convincingly tricked Mum). I decided we were due to have a go again. This time I picked Dad and like last time the scene was set to play out at a family dinner. Except I told Dad and Mum what was going on before hand. I just didn't tell Phill that our parents knew. So Phill was the real target of the prank. The night went quite well. There was no 'aha' moment when Phill suddenly cottoned on to what I'd setup. But it was a fun night as people made slip ups, and then tried to pretend it hadn't happened. The biggest shock for me was how devious my mother is. She's been waging a passive defiance against my vegetarian position for the last 12 months. She was very pleased with herself when she was able to feed 'Phill' (actually me) a plate of roast lamb.

Thanks Melbourne metro

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Thanks metro, that was my first time... that I couldn't get onto my train because it was too full. You're really kicking goals. You didn't used to employ people to stand on the platform and tell people to wait for the next train. And you seem to have bought old trains back into service. I'm not sure I've missed you since moving to Fitzroy.

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