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Beginning the alpine challenge

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Rode up buller today, from Mirimbah. 15.6 km in 1 hour and 24 minutes. Hells corner, how I hate thee. I wonder how long it will take to descend?

getup for wikileaks

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Do you agree with WikiLeaks? Then you should support them:

Do you disagree with WikiLeaks, but think that people deserve a fair trial? Then you should sign up for the following campaign as well:


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For some reason I just found out that the 2011 LISA conference is going to be held between December 4th and 9th, in Boston USA. And then I checked if Whistler is open at this time of year. And I wondered if I took myself to a conference in America, and then did some snowboarding on the way back, what I would be able to claim as a  tax deductions.

python packaging tutorial notes

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This morning some Debian people ran a tutorial on python packaging in Debian. I thought I'd write some notes for myself.

Apparently there is a tool for automated license checking, 'licensecheck -r unpacked-tarball'. That sounds really cool, even if it doesn't always work.  There were a bunch of policy things mentioned, such as official packages have to support all current python versions in the archive, what to name packages, where to do documentation.

There is a debian/clean file, which presumably lists files to be deleted when you do './debian/rules clean'. I wonder when that started working? Piotr used 'debi' to install the built package, passing debi the name of the generated changes file. Piotr said when there is a new upstream version not to use py2dsc again. Rather to call 'uupdate path/to/new-tarball' from the directory with the old version. He mentioned 'debdiff oldversion.dsc newversion.dsc', to see what has changed. Also 'filterdiff -x '*/doc/* -x */po/*' to filter out doc and translation changes.

There was an earlier tutorial on packaging basics, at can attempt to work out the dependencies of a python app or module, if upstream didn't include a requires.txt. (Which apparently in the python world lists dependancies, and dh_python2 tries to auto convert those into Debian dependancies).

dh_python2 is introduced for squeeze. In Wheezy Piotr hopes to drop python-central and python-support. For python3 packaging there is only dh_python3.

Later on there will probably be a link from to a transcript.

Piotr mentioned to get help on python packaging you should try #debian-python channel, or

Piotr walked through packaging a python module, and a python application. He used 'py2dsc' to do the initial convert from upstream tarball to debian package. He also mentioned you could run 'python --command-packages=stdeb.command debianize' from within an unpacked tarball.

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