En-Visage-ing for collectd data

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Lindsay Holmwood is the lead developer behind Visage. He started off with a use case that a web server is having some intermittent problems. It's about collecting metrics of the servers. He mentioned sysstat, dstat,sar, top, etc. But it's hard to correlate the data.

He uses collectd, a lightweight collection of data. It's plugin based. There is a network plugin that makes collectd network aware, that sprays the collected data over UDP to another server. Collectd uses RRDtool to store data. He pointed out it's hard to merge the data from RRD files to view stuff. Visage exposes the RRD data to expose it as JSON, and uses javascript and SVG to render it on the screen.

Visage has Profiles (saved pages of graphs). ANd it has a builder. It's distrubted as a ruby gem. He did a demo. You can change stuff all around in live view, and remove some things, and view, and do a live view.

It looks very cool!

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