LCA2011 - devops by Lindsay Holmwood

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I've decided to start of with the 'Freedom in the cloud' mini-conf. First talk is by Lindsay Holmwood, talking about how developers and operations staff are working more closely together. He is talking about a case study of a high profile fundraising site, that runs during november and requires 100% uptime.

To get consistency they using puppet for configuration management. In his case case study they had about 130+ manifests, so they had a lot of complexity. They had a problem with configuration drift, it becomes complicated to get the right configuration across it. They developed 'roles' (looked like puppet defines) that you pass in some parameters. So instead of a node having a list of classes, or inheritance each node just uses one define.

They use capistrano to trigger stuff, not replace puppet, and for deploying applications. He described capistrano as a Ruby DSL around ssh-in-a-for loop.

His metric tool of choice is collectd. It's plugin based (has 100 plugins by default). Is network aware, so can collect locally and forward onto other places. Has a well defined API and has bindings in perl and python. 

He talked about his environment, some problems he had, etc. He spoke very fast, and a lot of the talk was of a fairly general nature. He talked about such a broad range of issues that he simply didn't have time to go into a great deal of detail.

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