Peters issues with IPv6

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Peter Chubb spoke at the first talk after lunch in the sysadmin miniconf. He's from some sort of research group within NICTA. They decided in their implementation to add a third computer to act as a ipv6 router.

They had a problem with assymetric routing, so they added some static routes on their routers. Peter was using a laser pointer to highlight which machines that he was referring to, but it wasn't very easy to see. So I couldn't follow some of what he was talking about.

They don't have PXE booting over IPv6 yet, that is going to need manufacturers to fix their firmwares. They haven't got provisioning of things that DHCPv4 provides working yet, such as NTP servers, name servers, etc. He also hasn't got dynamic updates of DNS servers.

On his network he's just using the radvd auto configuration, but he's looking at evaluating DHCPv6 soon.

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