samba 4 in the real world

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Andrew Bartlett talking about Samba 4. They have implemented read only Domain Controller support. Apparently it is harder than read-write, but they are thinking it is a safe way to introduce samba4 into an existing Active Directory network.

They have real world deployment of multi-master replication. They have included role transfer. They are supporting extended schema support, such as the MS Exchange schema and custom schema.

One of the biggest problems they have is DNS integration. They almost started to implement DNS. Microsoft don't save DNS data into zonefiles onto disk, but in the directory and replicating it around. So Samba now provide a plugin infrastructure for Bind 9.8.0, and in the samba distribution they can provide a plugin to connect to the bind server.

They now have a new build system. It's a python based build system, using WAF. They can do smaller builds, parallel builds, and a lot of their samba-tool command is almost all python. They are doing regular alpha releases. the 4.0 release is a while off, until they have merged the fileserver and domain controller stuff. The fileserver stuff (and printserver, and old style domain) is in samba 3.6.

Samba4 uses a ldb backend, that writes to gdbm (?) files. Tridge said one of the main reasons they can't use an openLDAP backend is that it doesn't support transactions, which samba4 relies on.

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