Vint Cerfs Keynote

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Vint started out by saying he wants to persuade us that the Internet today needs to have some evolution, and that it isn't to late to do so. He did a brief review of the history of the Internet, from it's arpanet days of 4 nodes, to somewhere around 1 Billion nodes today.

He mentioned Bob Kahn's open architecture idea. Global addressing. Routers not keeping state. Recovering from lost packets. Various operating systems. No particular application to be supported. Non-national IP address structure. Layering of protocol. IP packets don't know what they are carrying, it's just bits.

Vint says that openness has been really important for the Internet story. Having open standards, without any IP claims.

Apparently Vint decided that 32bits was enough for IPv4. He decided in 1977, and thought it was for an experiment. But IPv6 is coming, along with DNSSEC, RPKI, some other stuff. Thinks that IANA is going to run out of IPv4 allocations very soon, possibly next month. We just need to get on with IPv6.

Vint says that the worst problems of security on the net are often due to human error, choosing weak passwords, configuration errors. He talked about privacy problems, due to companies not deciding to protect privacy related information.

He mentioned clouds. How there are multiple cloud implementations that are built in different ways, by different people. He thinks that these independant clouds are similar to the isolated and independant networks of the 70's. So he thinks we should have ways of having clouds co-operate, and share data, and have access control regime's.

He moved onto Internet Research Problems. Problems that haven't been solved yet, but that these problems are solvable, even though the Internet has been for awhile. Things like Erlang forumlas (Erlang measured phone conversations) for the edge of the network. In the core things average out and you can do some predictions. QoS, Multihoming, Mobility, Broadcast utilization.

He mentioned that not having an address identifier in the TCP protocol, and using the IP address to bind it together was a mistake. It causes problems for mobility. Broadcasting of packets. Things we can do a better job of authentication and Identity. Governance is a quagmire, such as censorship, and other societal issues will continue to come up as the Internet continues to spread through our lives.

He thinks we need to work on how we monitor and expose performance issues in the network. He mentioned the Bit Rot problem, of old file formats no longer being supported by old applications, or old hardware.

Vint finished off talking about the interplanetary network, where they have been developing some protocols and deploying it on various equipment out in space. He's hoping that as some gear finishes their mission they become a node on the interplanetary network.

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