postgresql update mysteriously delayed

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Well that was weird. I did a reboot of my little server to test out a new boot loader (migrating from grub-legacy to grub-pc) and this blog stopped working. First it couldn't connect to the database on the right port, and it seemed postgresql was running on a different port. Once I'd reconfigured postgresql to run on the old port, it seemed I had no data in the database.

I can't really explain it, but this must be an artifact of my upgrade to the Debian Squeeze release. The /usr/share/doc/postgresql-8.4/README.Debian.gz file says that the port defaults to 5433 if the 8.3 version of postgres is still installed. So maybe up until today I've been running 8.3 and 8.4. But I'm sure I did some reboots as part of the upgrade, so I don't see why the reboot today would have hit this.

Restoring the data from last nights backup got me going again. It's always important to have backups (and I'm glad I got my backup system in place a few weeks ago).

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