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First there was this article from Delimiter. Then there was a slashdot article. It's all a bit exciting that the place I work at has been in the news, though I think the report Trinity released has made it all to easy for the media to assume that we're all just madly in love with everything Apple puts out.

I think we've rushed into it. I agree the iPad is a good product, but I think in the long run the Android imitators are going to be better. I think that having to use iTunes to manage your tablet is the killer downfall for the iPad. For a lot of people iTunes is fine, but also for a lot of people it's limiting. You should be able to backup your device on any computer, not just the one you've got iTunes on. You should be able to manage your device over the air, without iTunes being involved at all. You shouldn't have to kit yourself out with all the mac gear to write your apps.

And I think the Trinity Report glosses over some of the issues we're going to have to deal with when it comes to managing these devices. Yes we had zero reports of issues from students. But we know we have a fair bit of work to do to scale up from looking after less than 50 devices to looking after over 500.

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