ipv6@home part 1

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10 years ago I was involved in a university project working with transition technologies for IPv6. And this year I finally got around to getting IPv6 at home, thanks to internode providing it to their ADSL customers.

I thought I'd document what I had to do. Internode makes it fairly easy. You simple configure your ppp software to authentication with a username ending in @ipv6.internode.on.net, instead of @internode.on.net.

However I found that with the linux ppp software I was using (pppoe 3.8-3 and ppp 2.4.5-4 in Debian Squeeze) I had to also add '+ipv6' to /etc/ppp/options. Naturally I setup some firewall rules, and as I was already using shorewall, I decided to use shorewall6.

So far, so good. From my router I'm able to ping6 mirror.internode.on.net. Of course I probably also want to use IPv6 from my other computers, that are behind the router. That will have to wait for part 2.

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