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myhtv auto starting

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So I've been using mythtv for awhile, and I'm really enjoying it's abilities. But I still have a significant bug. It doesn't turn it self on yet automatically for recordings.

I've been trying to get this going following http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/ACPI_Wakeup. But those instructions weren't working for me. It seems when 'mythshutdown --shutdown' was called the system would reboot instead. 

But I've just changed the settings to call 'shutdown -h now' instead, so now it definately shuts down. And the logs (which I was watching) said it need to turn on at 20:17 tonight for it's next recording.

And it worked! It shutdown, and later that night it turned itself back on! Hurray!

Update: Actually it only partially worked. It does correctly shutdown. But it doesn't turn itself back on. Grr.