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So I've been using mythtv for awhile, and I'm really enjoying it's abilities. But I still have a significant bug. It doesn't turn it self on yet automatically for recordings.

I've been trying to get this going following But those instructions weren't working for me. It seems when 'mythshutdown --shutdown' was called the system would reboot instead. 

But I've just changed the settings to call 'shutdown -h now' instead, so now it definately shuts down. And the logs (which I was watching) said it need to turn on at 20:17 tonight for it's next recording.

And it worked! It shutdown, and later that night it turned itself back on! Hurray!

Update: Actually it only partially worked. It does correctly shutdown. But it doesn't turn itself back on. Grr.

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I tinkered with a couple of settings on my mythtv box the other day, and then when it was due to shutdown, it would instead reboot! In the end I found that one of the settings had automatically filled in the nvram somethingrather (sorry, can't remember) setting in mythwelcome configs. I blanked that again, and it's honky dory.


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