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So I am playing with a MacBook Air, and I want to watch some youtube. But it tells me I need to update my Adobe flash player. So I follow some links, and download it, and get prompted to agree to a license. So I click that link and get taken to http://www.adobe.com/products/eulas/#flash_player. Which is a long list of their software, and versions, and matching licenses. It isn't blindingly obvious which link license I'm meant to read, but I managed, and download the flash player 10.3 license.

When I open it I see a page in what I'm assuming is an arabic right to left language. Now I don't expect everyone to cater to my monolingual handicap, but I'm still a little annoyed. I'm pretty sure my browser was quiet happy to tell them what language I'm using.

But I scroll down the pdf, to see what else is in there. Next is a Russian looking language. Then a Chinese looking language, followed by some pages in Japanese (or possibly the other way around). Then another two languages, and then German, till finally what I want, the English language.

I don't even know what page it's on, because Safari doesn't show you page numbers when rendering a PDF. Looks about a quarter of the scroll bar. And then it's 8 pages of legalese to read.

Proprietary software sucks.

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