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Just now I read an opendns posting on typosquatting. They seemed a bit confused, so I wrote them a message, which I'm reposting here in case they don't see fit to include it on their blog post (and so I can find it more easily).

This article seems a bit confused. First you say you can't autocorrect domains that are being typosquatted, because they are registered domains.

Then your first dot point on how to outsmart typo squatting is to use opendns.

It seems the problem opendns autocorrect feature solves is _some_ typing mistakes by users. But even for those typing mistakes if this autocorrect feature didn't exist the user would be faced with some kind of error from their web browser, and presumably they would fix it for themselves.

So opendns's autocorrect feature doesn't help against typosquatting, and only encourages people to not take care in what urls they are typing.

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