Sunshine snow

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So I've gone upto Canada to visit Daniel. He's house is at an elevation of about 1400m. So we took a day working at home to adapt, talking about design aspects to And it snowed, an unusually large dump, about 10 cm.

So today we went to the Sunshine ski resort. I had an absolute blast. It wasn't the best snow conditions, but it was pretty darn close. The snow we had in Canmour yesterday also fell at Sunshine, so there was lots of nice powder. It was a bit windy, but we coped with that. Daniel tell me that Sunshine has a bad reputation with snowboarders, because there is a fair bit of pushing involved. He only told me that once we were up there. He was right. But we did all of the lifts, many black runs, terrain park, blue runs, and a green run. I fell over many times. Daniel didn't see all the falls, but he would ask me why I was covered in snow.

We did a few passes of the terrain park, but it was quite short, and the lift to get to it went very high. It had a few boxes, and two jumps. But it was also quite wide. So there was a S, M, L and XL lanes (in increasing difficulty). So I did the S boxes and jumps, and did one of the M jumps. Jumps were ok. I fell off the third box I tried. I need to remember I can't change my direction once on the box. The highest mountain we were riding on was 2806m, but of course the lift doesn't go to the top. But we would have easily been upto 2400m. Coming down Goatseye express was some amazing powerder, ducking through trees. Of course, there was a relatively short section of hard packed stuff to go through to get there.

The first time I went over the hard stuff I lined my self up to cross it, into what I thought was a nice soft hill to stop on. The hill turned out to be a wind drift, and I pretty much blew through it, and got stuck in it's reverse side, with a fence just below me. That was a lot of effort to climb out of.

But all in all, a fantastic day snowboarding. I'm trying to decide if today was better than the snow I saw at Japan. It's hard to pick between the two.

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