Winter holiday to Canada

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In other news, I went to America and Canada last month. I went over to the 2012 US Pycon conference, then went upto Canada.

The conference was great and I met quite a few really interesting people. This year it was in Santa Clara, just south of San Francisco. Which was great, because it meant I got to visit my friend John in San Fran before the conference. John gave me a whirl wind tour of San Fran before I headed south for the conference.

In Canada I went to Canmore (in Alberta) to visit my friend Daniel and had 5 nights with him before Andrea joined us. Andrea and I did a special night at the Lake Louise Chateu and all 3 of us drove over to Kelowna for some road tripping and snowboarding. Andrea flew out of Kelowna, Daniel drove home and I went onto Whistler.

So while in Canada I got to
  • go classic cross country sking
  • learn skate cross country sking
  • do some target shooting with Daniels biathalon gun
  • see a herd of elk
  • go snowboarding at Sunshine, Big White and Whistler resorts
The best conditions I had were at Big White. Unfortunately I crashed while snowboarding at Whistler the day before I flew out. I crashed hard enough to get a concussion and to lose consciousness. So I was kept under observation at a hospital for a couple of nights and ended up arriving back home two days late.

But even considering that, it was a great holiday and I was really glad I went.

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The last three lines of your blog represented 80% of the worry and stress for the rest of your family from this trip.

Having said that, I think you coped very well, injuring yourself in a strange country, with no friends or family around you.

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