Friday night at the movies

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We went and saw 'Wish you were here' and 'The Palace' tonight.

'The Palace' is a short film that screen after the first one, so I'll discuss it first. It's a very upsetting movie. Unless you are prepared to be brutally confronted about human psychology during war scenarios you shouldn't see it. If you are willing to watch though, you will be completely captivated by this extremely well crafted film.

The main feature was 'Wish you were here'. The movie switches between scenes in Cambodia in the past, and Sydney in the present day. It was a really good film. Dave, played by Joel Edgerton, was a really interesting character. He's cleared a flawed character, and a deeply wounded character, but also trying his best to do what he thinks is best. The conclusion of the film was a little to wrapped up, but satisfying non-the less.  

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