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I just chipped in to help Joey Hess kick start a cool looking dropbox replacement project. Have a look at his kickstarter page. I think it's going to be cool because Joey is going to release all the source code under an open source, or free license, and I think this project could be really helpful for people that don't want to use dropbox.

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I've been using for a few weeks, but I don't think its approach is any more open than DropBox - not sure, just assumed the worst (: A notable improvement is that it has client side encryption, making my files feel significantly safer. Of course, I'm paranoid enough to try not to store anything sensitive in the cloud anyway!

On the kickstarter front, I threw some money at Grim Dawn which is a Diablo-style sequel to Titan's Quest. Independent game development is a growing industry, and I'm becoming quite the fan. I've bought a few Humble Indie Bundles too.

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