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At my new home I've got a peg board, which is great. What I think is also great is the utility I've written called pingboard:

It's a utility written in python that pings servers. Unlike normal ping, it pings multiple servers at once, and tells you which ones are alive at the moment, and how long they've been up. Please give it a go, and tell me what you think about it.

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So you've moved - where to, why, what sort of place? All the way back to big block in outer Melbourne, or part way?

Next question - what sort of peg board? If it's in the garage for a plethora of tools, I'm jealous.

The tool looks handy, might grab it for my work desktop and use it here and there.

We've moved out to the suburbs, to a large house. It's about 25km out from the city.

Yes, the peg board is in my workshop off the garage, and has got quite a few tools hanging on it. It's pretty cool.

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