AMoL Chapter 1

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This is the first chapter of AMoL, where Light be praised a hero survives, and not much else. Other posts can be found here. This post will very likely contain spoilers for all WoT books. If you haven't read all of the WoT series, including AMoL you read on at your own risk.
What happens
The wind we've all come to know and love blows, this time from the Mountains of Mist. Rand and Perrin are reminiscing at Merrilor about people they know from Two Rivers. We switch to Egwene's perspective nearby, and she is with Elayne when news comes of Caemlyns fall. Having re-established communications they setup some gateways and start evacuating people from nearby Caemlyn. Egwene acts decisively to pull more resources from the Aes Sedai camp over to help with the evacuation and healings. Nynaeve heals Talmanes (yay!). Rand tried to get Perrin to agree to his plan to break the seals, and speculates on how to keep Elayne at Merrilor after the Caemlyn attack, to maintain the unity they have achieved so far at Merrilor.

It seems that Talmanes really is going to make it. Even though I'm cheering for this, I'm also thinking about how reluctantly people have been killed in this series. The lack of deaths in the major characters has been quite different to another fantasy series I'm reading. Hopefully Talmanes gets to do some more awesoming later on.

I was just thinking that the prologue was the first time we'd ever had anything written from Talmanes point of view. It's good to get inside the mind of a character we've so far not seen. In this case it really fleshed out Talmanes character, giving us a better feel for him. From the inside he does sound faintly like Mat. I wonder if that is a deliberate decision by Brandon, to show how Mat's influence has rubbed off, or if it's a reflection on Brandon's writing style.

It seems there is still some trials and tribulations for Rand to go through. At the end of ToM we were seeing a Rand who was completely at ease, and confident of what needed to be done. Now we're seeing a Rand who is still unsure, if only internally. But fortunately we've got Perrin with his empathic smelling ability, who isn't buying the Zen Rand cover story.

Also, the discussion at the end of the chapter is interesting, where Rand says that it's the taint that gave him the madness of Lewis Therin's memories, which is what he is using to plan how to defeat the dark one. An interesting concept, using that 'mistake' as leverage to fight against the Dark One. But having this conversation is chapter one is only making me uneasy. Perhaps it's not going to be that simple. Maybe the Dark One can direct this madness more than we knew. Maybe all these memories have been planted, and there are some details that aren't actually correct. The people of the third age certainly do not have the resources to fact check any small details.

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