AMoL Chapter 10

Today I'm talking about chapter 10, 'The Use of Dragons'. And indeed, there are dragons used

Other posts can be found here. This post will very likely contain spoilers for all WoT books. If you haven't read all of the WoT series, including AMoL you read on at your own risk.
What Happens
Near Caemlyn they manage to lure the Trollocs to chase them into Braem Wood, where they start slaughtering them, partly by firing canons at them. In another places Agelmar is holding currently, but doesn't look like he'll be able to hold for much longer. In Kandor they are finding and evacuating civilians, but the whole place is a bit of a mess.

Back in the Black Tower Androl wakes up. He's been doped with something and can't channel. Emarin is weeping from their efforts to Turn him. They bring in another captive, Toveine Sedai and Taim instructs that she should be turned next. Apparently it takes a lot of effort from the channelers who are trying to do the turning, and they are getting tired. Taim is frustrated by the delays. Taim tells Mishraile to come with him, "It's time.".

We find out what it's time for, the view shifts to Lan, where he's started hearing explosions. Dreadlords have showed up. Tarwins Gap is lost. 

It's a short chapter, and I find myself a little short on comments. I had been wondering when the shadow channelers were going to take a hand, because the effect was an immediate boon for the Shadow forces. I'm also wondering when Demandred will show up with his armies. The attack by Rand on Shaoyl Ghul hasn't started yet, so perhaps we'll see him when that starts. All these war scenes are getting a bit dull though, let's get some more action from the Black Tower, or find out what Mat is doing, or Rand. Or maybe see some wolves.


Yeah wolves! And lions and tigers and bears! What made Jordan use wolves and not other large hunting animals? Where are the tigers and lions? Because they would surely be more powerful than wolves.maybe it was a climate thing.were there any bears in wot?

I think there is mention of bears in the mountains near Two Rivers, but they've never been a character like the wolves have been. Wolves are quite signifcant in North American folklore (according to,_religion_and_mythology). I've read other people say that Jordan drew on a wide array of cultural traditions to form this series, so it's possible that he's referring to something specific with this treatment of wolves.

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