AMoL Chapter 11

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Chapter 11 seems to have been a short chapter, but it has Mat in it. So that made up for it.

Other posts can be found here. This post will very likely contain spoilers for all WoT books. If you haven't read all of the WoT series, including AMoL you read on at your own risk.
What Happens
Egwene is talking with Adelorna, who is probably the head of the Green Ajah. Adelorna makes peace with her, as the Greens had been resisting her rule. Egwene talks to Bryne, and Bryne shows he's using gateways for viewing the battle. She reviews Bryne's battle orders and finds them lacking, as they don't use the White Tower except for reserves. Bryne passes her some other documents with alternate battle orders, which Egwene finds much more appealing.

Mat enters Ebou Dar, and finds a tavern to drink in. He learns that some assassins are targeting Tuon, employed by General Lunal Galgan. He leaves the tavern when he is recognised as 'the one' that the guards are looking for.

Rand has gone to visit Lan at the Gap, to help fight back against the Dreadlords. He tries, but recognises they are forming a circle to shield him, and he has to retreat.

Yay, Mat's back. So he's gone to see how things stand with him and Tuon. I can just bet that he's going to take matters into his own hands and try to capture or kill Galgan.

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