AMoL Chapter 14

Exciting news just in, from the Black Tower, read on for more.

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What Happens
Perrin travels through the Dream world with Gaul to Merrilor, where they leave their packs of food. Then they go to the Black Tower. Lanfear finds him, and talks to him. Perrin sneaks around the Black Tower.

Androl see's Toveine talking to Logain, she's been turned. They start to try and turn Logain again, Androl figures it's easier for females to turn male channelers, and vice versa. Androl recognizes that Evin is still affected by the taint. Androl tells Evin that Abors is planning on killing him. Evin goes crazy, and starts attacking people, killing Abors and hence releasing the shield on Androl. Taim subdues Evin, and confronts Androl. Taim prepares a weave of balefire to use on Androl. Androl forms a tiny gateway, forcing one out despite the dream spike that catches the balefire. Suddenly Canler bursts in followed by twenty Two Rivers boys, and they attack Taim.

Perrin creeps closer into the Black Tower, after setting Gaul up to cover him with his bow. He finds two Asha'man standing guard. Lanfear appears again, and tells him they have been Turned, and explains what that means. She uses the dream to spike their wine with forkroot. Perrin notices how skilled Lanfear is in the dream, able to mask her sound and smell so well he can't detect her. They go and find the dreamspike where the men were guarding. Lanfear instructs Perrin in how to use it, and they turn it off. Perrin tells Gaul that now they have the dreamspike, they'll see if Slayer comes to claim it.

Canler is fighting against Taim. He yells to Androl that he heard Taim plotting, so they decided to attack. Androl figures his gateway must have been into the shop, and that's how they heard. Androl notices the wall vanishes, and he can create gateways again. He walks into the room, and using his gateway skill annihilates the opposition. He sets up gateways so the attacks from Taims crew flow back into themselves. He drops Logain away to somewhere safe with a gateway. He drops some attackers through a gateway to somewhere they will fall to their death. Taim, hessalam and some others escape.

Surprise surprise. As soon as Androl can cast gateways again, he uses them to devastating affect. It's not like the readers weren't clued into this by the taunting he'd received (calling him page boy because he can only cast gateways, him speculating that he can do stuff with gateways that other people hadn't thought of, using the gateways to view the battle scene). But it was a nice scene, and finally the tables have turned at the Black Tower. Though I note that Logain hasn't really done much yet, apart from resisting being turned. To be fair, he's done a great job of that, others have been turned much sooner. But it hardly warrants Mins viewing of him being covered in glory.

Seems Lanfear really is trying to play a different game now. I suspect she had a hand in letting Canler hear Taims plotting. There is no way there was enough time for Canler to have heard Taim via Androls tiny pre-wall gateway. They burst in litterally seconds after that was cast. He couldn't possibly have gathered a large group of men, and convinced them to fight, and actually found where they were being held. Not to mention that having balefire appear without warning in his shop would have ruined his day. Either some other agent was at work, or this is a significant slip up by the author. Hopefully the first of those.


What does Perrin do with the dream spike when he gets out of T? We already know he can't take it with hiback into the real world.maybe it will just be in hours swag when he logs back into

Perrin doesn't leave Tel'aran'rhiod (as of Chapter 29, which is what I'm up to when writing this comment). So it doesn't matter whether or not he can take the spike out, he just hangs onto it. I'd imagine that if he uses one of the gateways, then he could probably take the spike with him, but then maybe not. We haven't seen that in either case. And we see him actually use the spike in somewhere around Chapter 27.

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