AMoL Chapter 16

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This is WoT at it's finest, where we get to hear the implacable roar of the Ogier, for once raised, they are like the tide coming in. Ahh, the shivers as I read this.

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What Happens
Loial and other Ogiers are striding through Braem forest. Loial thinks about the trees around him, how they are dying, and don't feel or sound like healthy trees. They start to run. They begin their war song, Loial stretching out to lead the Ogier charging. They are angry, they are furious. These weeds, these Trollocs that force the builders to fury. He means to teach them what a dreadful mistake it was to turn the builders into destroyers. They are good at both. And the Trollocs are starting to learn what fear means.

There are whitecloaks, they are stupid.

Rand talks with Rand, revealing he will try to kill the Dark One. Moiraine thinks this is foolish. Rand see'st he Dark One as outside of the Pattern, and hence vulnerable. Moiraine see's him as part of the pattern.

Lan leads a charge at the Trollocs in Shienar. They have a battle plan, that they haven't shared widely amongst the soldiers, they know they will have darkfriends amongst them. Lan see's his Andere down, taking Lan's banner with him. Lan approaches, and engages a Myrddraal. A second Myddraal appears from behind the banner, it's a trap! Lan fights. No normal man would stand a chance against two Fades. But Lan is a King, who's land was taken from him by the Shadow when he was a babe, and he has trained all his life to fight this battle. He is a blade master many times over. He defeats them both (and doesn't take very long about it either). Prince Kaisel is amazed at what he has witnessed. 

This first charge is a feint. The Trollocs, who are starting to starve, break apart to start feeding on corpses. Then the real attack begins. Cavalry charges from the the Shienarans, then the Malkieri. Charges from another direction by the Kandori. The ground starts exploding, as the Dreadlords have realized what is happening and have returned. Ash'aman Deepe recognizes Taim, and tries to attack him, but is obliterated. Lan is thrown from Mandarb, but Prince Kaisel etrieves Lan and they flee.

Oh wow. Oh wow. Seeing the Ogier charge was scary. Spine tinglingly (is that a word?) scary. We've seen Loial fight before, but we've not seen it written from his point of view, or have we seen him fighting with other Ogiers. We've heard that they can be fearce, but for the most part, we've seen them being peaceful, and builders, and calm. The fury! I can't really describe how much I was cheering for them.

I'm convinced that the ranks of the Whitecloaks are riddled with either darkfriends, or stupid people. Golever is definitely one of those. or maybe because they are a pseudo-religious group they simply attract extremists. Hopefully Galad can do something to fix that, but I doubt we'll see the solution to that in this book (so, we'll never see that).

Lan is awesome, but we already knew that. I kind of think that seeing him fight two Fades should have impressed me more. But after the Ogier, I was either a little overwhelmed, or I just don't expect that anything that doesn't involve channeling can defeat Lan. I swear, if there is a scene where he is bound, weaponless, and surrounded by an army who's orders are to see him dead, I still expect him to escape, and kill tens of them on his way out.

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