AMol Chapter 19

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Eh? What is that you say? Well it's a blog post about the 19th chapter of the AMoL. I'm going to be discussing things, which will spoil the plot for you if you haven't read the rest of the WoT series. So don't do that, just go read all the books, and then come back here.

I've done quite a few of these posts.
What Happens
Elayne and Bashere discuss a bad turn of events. A second Trolloc army is north of them heading to Cairhien. Bashere things the Myrddraal have force marched them that way. They agree to press an attack against the northern Trollocs hoping to destroy them before the southern Trollocs attack their rear.

Egwene meets with the Wise Ones in Tel'aran'rhiod. She overhears Bair telling the other wise ones that she saw the same visions as Aviendha. The Wise Ones tell of gaps appearing in the earth, that are inky black, and then turn into normal gaps. They appear most often where the Dreadlords are using balefire. They warn Egwene it's straining the pattern, and they all agree not to use it anymore. Egwene wakes, and meets Rand outside her chambers. He wants to make amends with her. Gawyn finds out that he is Galad's half brother. Rand finds out that the seals he has given Egwene are all fakes, somehow the Dark One has stolen back the keys to his prison.

Mat is wishing someone would look at him, as none of the Seanchan will meet his eyes. A tailor comes in, and starts preparing new clothes for him, taking his old clothes and hat. Mat in incredulous at the amount of jewels being put on him, and the bulky clothes the imperial generals wear. As he departs he grabs his old hat and sticks it back on, despite the protest from his tailor.

Well, it's quite alarming that the seals are missing, I didn't see that one coming at all. Of course, it was off screen (so to speak) when Rand went and fetched them. I think he fetched them himself. I'm guessing we won't see Demandreds army until the attack at Shaoyl Ghul begins. And the army is probably all the red veiled Aiel. Which will be quite a surprise for the Light side forces. But hopefully the Seanchan army, with their channelers will be sufficient to fight those.

And the problems that Elayne and Bashere are facing are also a bit of a wrinkle. Seems this isn't going to go all that easily for them. I'm not surprised that a few problems have come up, but I thought they'd all do more with the battles.

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