AMoL Chapter 2

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Another day, another chapter. Only two scenes, and it's all about the booty call. Other posts can be found here. This post will very likely contain spoilers for all WoT books. If you haven't read all of the WoT series, including AMoL you read on at your own risk.
What Happens
Pevara and Androl continue to discuss what they are going to do about the Black Tower Situation. Pevara is terrified, but doing the normal Aes Sedai thing of not letting it show. They discuss what the future holds for the Red Ajah, now that Saidin is cleansed. Pevara see's Reds becoming an Ajah to cooperate with men. Androl thinks the Ajah is doomed. They experiment with linking, and get it to work straight away. But Pevara, already frightened about her situation panics when she looses control; as soon as Androl realises and releases the link she bonds him. Androl is furious, and retaliates by bonding her back. They are interrupted by the return of Evin. Evin tells them that Welyn and Jenare Sedai have returned, and Welyn as been turned. There is also news that Logain will return tomorrow, and they assume that Logain has been taken as well.

Back in Merrilor Aviendha is sneaking around the campsites. She sneaks through the Andorian camp, until she finds Elaynes tent. Then she sneaks into the tent. Elayne is meeting with her generals, and continues discussing the fall of Caemlyn with them for a good few minutes before she realises that Aviendha is there. The generals depart, but before Elayne and Aviednha can continue their discussion for much longer, a letter from Rand arrives for Elayne. The letter angers Elayne, as it insists she return to Caemlyn. Elayne quickly realises that Rand is trying to manipulate her with some reverse psychology. We get to see that she'd already decided to stay until after the meeting, and that she's a little impressed with Rand's growing political acumen that the letter represents.

Aviendha says she has to 'go to' Rand tonight, and seeks her support. Elayne offers to send for Min, so they can 'sort it out'.

Lets take that in reverse order. The authors have written the end of that chapter very straight, but there is definitely a booty call in that. We know from Aviendha's visions in the glass columns (which in her timeline is probably only a few days ago) that she expects to have quad-tuplets, and that Rand is the father. In this chapter we hear her saying "There may not be another night for Rand and myself." Clearly she see's that tonight is the night to conceive. And as we already know from Elaynes conception, Min doesn't get to block any of this out of her bond. 

They are talking as if it's a done deal though. Rand has got a hundred thousand people all together, and is planning a crucial meeting for tomorrow that could easily decide the future of the world. Do you really think he's going to be all that interested in a bit of nooky? Well, he's a guy, of course he is. And before we move on, it was really fun watching Aviendha sneak into the camp, and then being completely oblivious why that upsets people.

The interplay between Androl and Pevara is interesting. We find out another nugget of Androl's backstory (he's been amongst the Sea Folk). These two characters are obviously going to have a lot more to do with each other, and play a significant role in the Black Tower story arc. The discussion about what will happen with the Red Ajah was all very well, but of course the most interesting thing here was their amutual bonding. I say a-mutual, as they each forcibly bonded the other.

Forcibly bonding has been likened to raping someone, and it's something that Leigh Butler has repeatedly written about with a great deal of angst, with good reason. They say that two wrongs don't make a right. But I'm going to predict that these two particular wrongs aren't going to denigrate into a viscous destructive cycle. It's probably going to end being a partnership that is that much stronger from being forged in a particularly hot fire. We can already see that starting, with the way Pevara says "We need to think through this". This partnership is the only tiny ray of light I can see in a desperately bad situation. Because it looks like Androl and Pevara are pretty soon going to be standing alone. I haven't really been keeping a close eye on the names of the people who are in Logains camp (I guess I'm not that good a WoT fan), but it certainly sounds like they don't have very many people left after all these Turnings.

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Turning Turning Turning through the yeeeaaarrrs. Did you see them going out to war?

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