AMoL Chapter 28 and 29

On the count of three, everyone cheer. One, two, three, Yeah! Because Mat is bloody awesome. Here I'm going to be talking about chapters 28 and 29 of AMoL, the fourteenth and final book of the Wheel of Time. I've lots of other posts on other chapters.

If you keep reading, you will see spoilers. So if you haven't read all the other books, and all the chapters leading up to this, you're advised to take a left just now.
What Happens
Lan questions a few people about what happened earlier. Then he asks Lord Baldhere what someone would do to sabotage the entire army. We see the fight proceed exactly as Baldhere suggests, except Lan countermands some orders, and manages to save the day. He also has to arrest Agelmar, but not before Tenobia's cavalry is sent to an unsupported location and she is killed. Loial is fighting, and fighting hard. He starts singing, and things around him starts growing as well. Matt goes to get a look at the battlefield, and gets involved in some of the fighting. While there he captures a Sharan channeler, raises an officer to the low Blood (and also converts him from a detractor to a supporter) and realises that Bashere is a darkfriend who is trying to loose the battle. But Mat also realises that if he gets absolute control of the Seanchan army he can save it.

Ahh, Mat. He thinks that every step is either a logical one, or a logical one that he's forced to do because he has to save some women. He never admits for a moment to himself that what he can do is exceptional. To him, he's just trying to stay alive, but to everyone else he's a whirlwind in a battle. The smallest thing that happens (tearing of a nail) ends up playing in his favour.

My impression of Agelmar and Lan has both risen. As soon as it's pointed out to him, Agelmar realises that he's been compromised. This scene also validates my thoughts from the last post, that the captains aren't darkfriends, but they've been compulsed. Lucky Mat has that little charm to keep people from compulsing him, eh?

Things are dire, desperately dire. But little pieces of the puzzle are starting to fall in the right direction again. Well, ok, Mat getting to be the commander is probably not going to be so little. But Lan recognising he has to withdraw and that his battle is lost is a good sign. Loial starting to grow stuff while fighting is really a tiny thing inside the rest of the battle, but it feels like the right thing as well.

Suspiciously, the fight that Rand is involved in has gone a little quite. I wonder if in this section of the series we'll see a reversal of perspective of the first battle at the end of THEotW. Back then we got to read along as Rand fought Ishamael, and we were told that the tides of the Borderlanders fighting in Tarwins gap seemed to follow how well Rands fight was going. So maybe Rand only gets to win his fight if all his armies get to win their fights. And I just can't help but think that Loials growing song is going to be significant in that.

Farewell Tenobia. I'm aware of some speculation on various forums (or maybe it was among Leigh Butlers re-read) that if Tenobia falls, Perrin and Faile might find themselves King and Queen of Saldaea. I bet those people are patting themselves on the back right now. Or, right then, whenever it was that they read this book, which is surely before I got to this point, because the book has been out for almost two weks now. Earlier we saw Perrin name Tam as Steward of Two Rivers, which nearly ties up his commitments there.


Hooray for Mat! I get the impression he's your favourite? I forgot the tree growing scene with Loial.

You know, I almost wrote down in my post that Mat was my favourite. I stopped myself, because I wasn't sure I wanted to commit myself to that. But he really is so much fun to read.

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