AMoL Chapter 36

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Just one chapter in this entry. If you read all the way to the end of the post you'll see why. As I've mentioned a few times already in these posts, there are spoilers (so stop reading this post unless you've already read all of the WoT books) and there's an index.

On a scheduling note, this may be my last post for a while. On Saturday I'm going to an aikido seminar, and on Sunday I'm travelling to Canberra for LCA. And while I am taking my laptop with me, I'm not taking AMoL, it's just to big, especially as I'm cycling some of the way.
What Happens
Nynaeve wonders what Rand is doing. For 15 minutes in her time she sees that he and Moridin have been frozen, ever since Rands foot touched the darkness. Nynaeve can feel huge amounts of channeling, but doesn't know what is happening. She slowly moves forward, and discovers Alanna chained to a wall and bleeding heavily. She knows she needs to heal Alanna so Rand doesn't go crazy from his Warders bond to her, but she can't channel.

Mat shows some villages how to hack up a spike for a palisade.  He moves on, trying to avoid the Deathguard who want him to do his duties and sit in judgement on some people. He gives some tips to some young men about staff fighting. He comes across Egwene, and asks her to take him to the top of the Knob, to review things. He asks Egwene where the Horn of Valere is, but she doesn't know. Mat says that this time, there will be no retreat. They have to win here, and they can't just survive, they have to win. Mat gets a sense of something, and he knows that the enemy have arrived on the field of battle. He starts giving orders as some Raken are returning, screeching, claiming that the scouts are wrong, and that they. are. bloody. here.

Perrin drifts in darkness, tired. He wonders if he should hold on, but struggles to. His hammer is blazing hot. He knows he either has to let go, or he needs to waken. To force himself awake, out of the dream. The wolf dream shatters. Amid chaos and shouts, Master Luhan finds, him, grabbing him, calling out to him to hang on!

Oh wow, this is just so exciting. Perrin's not dead, yet. Hurray! He managed to bust out of the dream. Shame he left Gaul behind, but then, what can you do? Mat's cool doing his inner eye thing with knowing the scouts are wrong. Strange that he's feeling Rand pull on him, I would have thought his ta'veren nature would have been keeping him here at Merrilor. I mean, there is just about to be a great big fight there. 

In my last post I was just wondering what is happening with Nynaeve, and here we go, we get a Nynaeve point of view straight away, awesome. And we find out where Alanna's been. it's a shame that it seems her mind has been shattered, and that it seems she's about to die. 

Nynaeve made two points about time flow in this chapter. First she noted that they'd only been in there for an hour, and secondly she noted that Rand's been frozen for 15 minutes. Elsewhere we know that lots of time has passed. I'm not enough of a WoT geek to do the actual calculations, but I'm sure that it is at least a week or two. It's been well established that the closer you get to Rand, the more time distorts. Does that mean that Rand will only feel like he's fought briefly once he's done? Or is there an event horizon he's just crossed by touching the darkness, which means his time passage is now really slow?

While I've been doing these series I've been using two book marks. One to mark the start of the chapter I need to blog about, and one to mark the start of the next chapter, so I know when to stop reading (and sometimes I've advanced that later bookmark when I've decided to cover multiple chapters. The next chapter is called 'The Last Battle'. Which I thought odd, as isn't this whole book about the last battle? So I started flicking pages to place my bookmark. As I was flicking pages, my eyebrows started to rise. Previously the chapters have been quite short, maybe 5 to 10 pages. This next chapter is 189 pages. It's like it's a little book by itself. So I'm not going to be able to cover all of that before I leave for LCA on Sunday morning. But do I really want to stop, and wait a whole week, knowing that is coming? I'm going to be meeting a lot of people at LCA, surely some of them are going to be WoT readers. I'm going to have to be really careful to avoid spoilers.

Wish me luck.

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